Join The Evergreen Army!!!

Because Evergreen is a tournament club, we are not bound by many of the league restrictions that other clubs have in regards to tryouts and accepting players.  We generally have organized tryouts in early spring and late fall, but without these restrictions we can accept players throughout the year.  If you would like to be considered for the club, please fill out the form below and we will contact you about having your player come in for an evaluation. This would typically be scheduled during one of our training sessions with his or her age group.  

For those not quite at the skill level to make one of our teams, but like our training and would like to see their player improve, we do offer a training only membership package at a discounted cost.  We have seen several players take advantage of this and develop enough to earn a spot on a team.  Again, we are about development at Evergreen and making your child the best player he or she can be.  See you on the pitch!!!


But wait...

Fortunately because of our club structure, we can always take on new players and are always looking to grow the club. We will have Super Y League training throughout the summer on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  If you missed tryouts and would still like to be evaluated, please fill out the registration below and a coach will be in touch to schedule a night to come out.  Thank you for your interest in Evergreen.


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